XML Marker 1.1

Image XML Marker 1.1
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    Windows ME

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    January 31, 2022

  • "Practical XML file editor with table viewer"

Viewing and modifying files in XML format will no longer be so complicated thanks to XML Marker, a program that has an interface with a tree structure viewer so that the elements of these development files are well organized. The editor integrates a syntax highlighting system as well as a practical table viewer.

This editor has been created for programmers to have facilities and comforts when dealing with XML development projects. It provides you with a tree structure through which you can select each element to modify. You also have a table viewer whose rows and columns are very practical to consult various data.

Fragments of texts are differentiated with various tonalities. On the other hand, the syntax is highlighted in the editor's own interface, which is a small help when programming in XML.